Insect Pizzas Anyone?

As disgusting as it may sound, the world has been taking its explorations on the next level between edible or not creatures and that includes worms in some people's diet. According to an author named Arnold Van Huis, Westerns have yet tasted the wonders of some delicacies found in some other parts of the world and that includes insects. 

In his book that focuses on insect recipes, a meal worm pizza and locust ravioli is featured. 

"In the past there has been a tendency to say insects are for primitive, stupid people. This is nonsense, a misconception that must be corrected." Van Huis said.

His statement can be proven as to Japanese emperor Hirohito's favorite dish be found as crunchy wasps. Among Cambodians meanwhile, tarantulas are common favorites. 

Europeans are not exempted from the insect eater history either as Roman scholar Pliny the Elder stated that "aristocrats loved to eat beetle larvae reared on flour 

and wine" while Aristotle stated that "The larva on attaining full size becomes a nymph; then it tastes best, before the husk is broken. At first the males are better 

to eat, but after copulation the females, which are then full of white eggs." 

Slowly, the world is also introduced into eating away insects, which they hope would solve world hunger. 

In addition to solving world hunger, another researcher claims that this mind blowing pizza ingredient can also solve malnutrition. Yves Prevost, an entomologist, 

professor and author of a cookbook titled "Entertaining With Insects" states that "It's an alternative source of food that is full of nutrition and protein and it even tastes good." 

Shared over a popular TV show, Nickelodeon, the mealworm pizza was introduced into a daring game to children. Although one of them thought it was 'gross' other children agreed that it was in fact delicious. 

Try injecting the worms with tomato sauce, that might help?
Posted by Diane Araga, on May 23, 2013 at 10:00 AM