Intriguing Stone Baked Pizza Bread

I still ask why this bread is a big craze over the market until I found a review that cleared it all.

The pizza bread from Masullo Pizza has been said to always been sold out in the market even at a price of $2.99 each. Apparently the bread isn't as ordinary as it seems in the photo as it is baked in goodness, stone-baked cooked in wood-fire ovens just like a pizza. 

According to reviews, the pizza bread is "seasoned with rosemary, olive oil and salt, and are fragrant, chewy and slightly charred" as stated by Sacbee. 

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The famous bread is sold in Taylor's Market and this all time favorite will soon be out in the market. 

“We’ve been talking to the Natural Foods Co-op and they seem interested,” said Danny Johnson of Taylor's Market to an interview with Sacbee. “It’s in evolution right now, but it probably won’t get too much bigger than that, given the physical limitations of our space. We’ll do the best to meet the demand, but I don’t want to compromise what we’re doing at the pizzeria.”

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Posted by Diane Araga, on November 12, 2013 at 11:00 PM