Joel Parkinson's Surfboard Stolen by Pizza Maker

Pizza Maker from Highton has reportedly stolen two surfboards of a world champ surfer as it seem to him that it was not a real loss to Joel Parkinson. 

The 34 year old pizza chef named Valerio Sangermano was guilty of theft and Geelong Magistrates' court ordered him of $500 fine plus a 12-month good behavior bond as Magistrate An McGarvie states that he had no criminal record, hence made it extraordinary. 

The police reports that Parkinson was at Winki Pop ready to surf and as he locked his car and went off to the beach. Sangermano meanwhile, watched him go by and went ot the surf champ's car to get the boards and equipment which was worth $3000. The goods were brought to South Beach, 500 meters away from Winki Pop and surfed. 

"He saw the back of the wagon had not closed properly and decided it would be no loss to Mr Parkinson, as professional surfers get a lot of things given to them for free," said Sangermano's lawyer, Nathan Goetz. 

Torquay CIU detectives recovered the items last March 27. 

Goetz states that his client admitted his faults fully and returned it immediately which had led to the light sanction. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on July 8, 2013 at 10:00 AM