Large Amount of Money Spent for Politician’s Meals in Pizza

The QMI Agency found out that a single receipt or lunch cost almost $7000 for Conservative political staff and country’s top bureaucrats. Pizza, garlic bread, fettuccine and Caesar salad could have been served at a Professional Development day for 330 Conservative Political aides for this amount. This incident made the Liberal MP Gerry Byrne think that the amount of money used was like for a party. The tax payers now in Ottawa are reported that they’re paying $130,000 for meals since 2010. 

The place where the Professional development day was held is located near the Parliament Hill and Ottawa shopping mall where they can order decent or affordable food for reasonable prices.
The Bay Street millionaire chief of staff Nigel Wright signed off the Professional Development day last June 28, 2012 to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He tried to stop the Mike Duffy Affair by cutting a $90,000 cheque from his own bank account and because of this he will be fired within a year.
Tax payers are paying more or less $4,601.93 for just one bill every time the politicians are eating together from 2011 to 2013. This information was gathered through the research of Ken Rubin.
Byrne found out that more than $68,000 worth of food was billed for meeting every week between Harper's top political aides and ministers. He also added that this act breached the government spending guidelines. On the other hand, Tony Clement; the Treasury Board President made a contradiction when he said that since 2006 the spending on hospitality was cut, no rules has been broken and government spent less on hospitality compared to the previous one.
Posted on February 28, 2014 at 10:00 AM