LeBron James Impacts Restaurant's Menu

A pizzeria in Cleveland is prepared to rename one of their pizzas if only LeBron James decides to return to the Cavaliers.

Master Pizza will change the name of their deluxe pizza to the “King Supreme” if James opts to return to Cleveland.

Owner Michael LaMarca says, “What better way of bringing someone back than giving them great pizza or naming a pizza after them?”

Customers may be hoping that LeBron James will return for another reason. They’ll potentially have another menu option at Master Pizza if he returns. The restaurant does not currently have a margherita pizza on their menu. LaMarca says that they will add a margherita pizza to their menu if James returns.

“If he decides to come back maybe we’ll call this the ‘Chosen One’”, says La Marca.

Posted on July 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM