Live Tests Leaves No Secret for Pizza Chain

Technology improving nowadays doesn't always guarantee that it will be made in its best efforts but with Domino's new live platform, customers are able to sneak at their pizza in the making of it! 

Over 5 cameras will be online live at Domino's Salt Lake City and it will be available until the end of May. CEO J. Patrick Doyle of Domino's Pizza states that this is one of their moves to increase the marketing transparency of the company. 

This must also be their way to compete with Pizza Hut's pizza ordering app through Xbox. 

“We’re proud of what we do in our stores, and the ingredients in our pizzas,” Doyle told Forbes. “That’s why we’ve already been rolling out the ‘pizza-theater’ concept in our new stores, which already has been opening up our kitchen to our customers. Now, digitally, we’re doing the same thing” with Domino’s Live.

He also added that they“assume everything we do will be known by our customers anyway, so we’re better off offering it up on our own.”

This interactive transparency has created a proactive and reactive results that Doyle himself became a star due to this marketing campaign. This has also been the answer to their marketing problem that started three years ago. 

Having a bad reputation was one of them, being known to have pizza tasting like cardboard. Another incident in 2009 was about two of Domino's North Carolina employees that made a bad decision to post a disgusting stunt in YouTube that involved preparing pizza. 

In addition, this transparent action has raised their online order for over 35 percent. 

“The fact is,” Doyle said, “that now as many or more people are ordering online as are walking into our stores to pick up carry-outs.”

The new marketing campaign also inclues a clear view of the exact action happening while the pizza is made and a tracker of the employees - the delivery man and the cook. But this isn't the end of Domino's ideas, in fact as Doyle would put it, it is just the start and more ideas will come. 

Though this has increased sales, Doyle states that “We’ll try one store and see how it goes,” and he also explained that none of this is an act. All of it, the personnel and the process in the said branch are the same. 

“If we changed what we’re doing to make what we do in that one store look better,” he explained, “we’d be called on it. If people are seeing something in that one store that looks remarkably different than what they’d see in any of our 10,000 stores around the world, we’d be called on it. It’s transparency — not theater.”

Domino's was onced also offered by Xbox for the app that Pizza Hut is already doing but decided not to as the company prioritizes different opportunities. 

“It’s all about prioritizing different opportunities,” he said.

Posted by Diane Araga, on May 2, 2013 at 9:00 AM