Lorenzo's Pizza in Philly Goes for a Comeback

Doylestown, Pa. local Mark Blanton says it all, “Incredible pizza, huge slices. An evening on South Street is never complete without getting Lorenzo’s,”

Found at the third and south streets, the pizza place called Lorenzo's is a big hit among residents and locals but a recent fire situation last June forced them to close down. The cause of the fire was out of electrical damages. 

Owner Joe Pulizzi didn't let this hindrance stop him from reopening the shop in May for all his loyal customers. 

“Everything was torched. The mural inside is the only thing that was saved,” said Pulizzi.

The said shop began since 1988 and its not stopping now. 

“So far, it came back ten-fold,” he added — and it shows.

Though the reopening was not as comfortable as it was before - considering it doesn't have seats now, both customers and employees still stand firm on making this restaurant stable again. 

The shop is open until 4 in the mornings every Friday and SaturdAy nights, where the business struggle after its 11-month absence. 

The pizzeria was, as Pulizzi states, “Better. Can’t-keep-up better,”

Expansion into the center city was also part of their plans and with Pulizzi's design work, updated online campaign and the dedicated patronage to donating 50 percent of the proceeds to Philabundance, the pizzeria survives the difficulty of their unfortunate event. 

Some people even beleive that their pizza will be their savior, with a simplified toppingless huge slice of cheese and sauce that many locals love. It was a classic and certainly, worth it! 

“I was a broke college student and their slices were the ultimate affordable dinner for me for a year-and-a-half,” said resident Victoria Hamilton. 

Each slice was as big as two plates, thin but huge and filled with cheese and sauce that has a touch of sweetness. People bought them for $3 a slice or $21 for a box and now they are even adding toppings which is available every Tuesday.

Probably their pizza will really save them.
Posted by Diane Araga, on June 11, 2013 at 12:00 PM