Made In America Store Can Bring You a Pure U.S. Made Pizza

All American made product stores brings customers more reason to shop there as they bring in new ingredients that are prime in making pizza.

A hundred percent certain that these products are U.S.A. made, an American Pizza can be created which you can say that it is purely American and along with the 3,500 products available, you can customize your pure American pizza the way you want.

The yearly revenue from the pizza industry alone is $32 billion where 70,000 pizza joints are involved. One of the suppliers of these pizzerias are Just Pizza, Battistoni, U.S. Grown and Kutter’s Cheese are the brands that are featured in the Made in America Store now. These brands can bring consumers the right ingredients to make pizza with the assurance that its quality is good since it’s made in America.

The 1931 shop, Battistoni, brings in their 7 ounce pepperoni stick with its edible casing that are slow dried.

“Battistoni, an artisan producer of the best-tasting premium dry-cured specialty meats, is offering a ‘Taste of Tourism’ of an old world dining experience right in your own home,” said a Battistoni Representative.

Meanwhile, U.S. Grown brings in American vegetables and products in can that are grown in their own farm. These fresh products can be used to make your own American pizza.

Since 1992, Just Pizza has served people from Western New York with their special pizzas and now they are also offering Pizza dough mix with their own brand that is available in the Made in America Store. The special feature in their flour is its easy mixing procedure. Just by adding water, the dough is easily created.

Of course, cheese will never be forgotten as Kutter’s Cheese Factory offers their all American cheese sold in Corfu NY, a very special product that was passed on from generations since 1923.

Now you are able to have your purely American pizza from your pure American ingredients. Order from Made In America Store in its 350 vendors. For more information, visit or call 716-652-4872. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 1, 2013 at 5:00 PM