Mariposa Pizza Factory Back in Business

The fire has eaten up the factory and many locals were sad about it being shut-down but the people were then given hope last Saturday as it re-opened to make some dough again.

Many came back home and the Mariposa County High School Grizzly Band even performed beside the new building. Though it took them a year before they could re-open, owners Ron and Luke Willey are very thankful it did get its chance back on business with the help of many. Ron Willey even explains that it was those who helped than that made it possible for it to be back on track as fast as a year. 

"Realistically, it could have taken one and a half to two years. Alpine Builders did a spectacular job," Ron said.

Some even became emotional about the re-opening. One of them is MarLee Beaudoin, a former pizza factory worker since she graduated high school who had her little boy with her during the opening. 

"I had tears in my eyes driving into town today," MarLee said. 

The Pizza Factory has been an integral part of the community that the fire shocked many and probably even brought in fear for some for it to completely shut down.

"Pizza Factory gives so much to the community. We wanted to be here." Local Linda Sheets said. 

The whole opening was filled with applause and cheers as the crowd entered the new building that looks just the same before the fire happened. Now, the pizza factory is back and people will be happy to know that the place will be part of their lives again. 

Dianna Stockwell remarked, "It's amazing how a business can be the heart of a community. We couldn't go to Pizza Factory for birthdays or after ballgames," she said describing the impact of the fire on residents. "People felt lost without it."

Once customers enter the room, photos and clippings can be found around and a letter framed on the wall which was compromised of the signed concern of fellow business owners in the area. 

Considering that the long business pause was made, many customers were excited of its opening and had filled in a long line for its first day of re-opening. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on May 15, 2013 at 11:00 AM