Most Expensive Pizza Omelet

In Italy and New York City, you can find one of the most expensive dishes in a form of a pizza. A pizza and omelet worth thousands of dollars or euros topped with the most expensive ingredients. 

In Italy, an 8300 Euro worth of pizza is featured. This specific pizza is said to be the most expensive in the world, topped with caviar and lobster! To add to that, it is poured with Louis XIII Remy Martin cognac. Would you say that this 20cm pizza is worth it? 

Meanwhile in Le Parker Meriden found in New York, a $1,000 omelet is featured. It consists of 10 ounces of sevruga caviar, a whole lobster and six eggs. Try to make it at home and you will end up with a $700 bill. 

Want to make one?
Posted by Diane Araga, on June 1, 2013 at 10:00 AM