Nashville Pizza's Best

Nashville wasn't as popular before as it was a place with the least restaurants to be seen as worth it but Manny Macca's pizzeria, the Manny's House of Pizza around downtown, would be one of the few that needs to be tried out. 

The owner of the said shop have practically made pies since 1980's that has maintained an Italian authentic style on his pies. Even if new ovens are already used, the taste is still the same. 

Some pizzerias are just around to make money and some are such a trying hard in making the pies taste authentic but Manny's pizza is the real deal. 

Pizza enthusiast Tofer Brown states that his eight years of experience in Nashville has completely allowed him to witness the changes in the pies and if he had fast metabolism, he would have eaten the good ones five times a week. People like Brown had made it clear what the "best" really is for their taste buds, which is probably a personal choice already. 

Other than the fact that pizza is personal, its also a cultural factor as the environment people grew up in determines the taste they prefer. Since the pies are versatile, its easy to have a wide range of variety. 

The growing economy of pizza has increased since then and Nashville will soon expect fast casual chain restaurants such as Pie Five Pizza Co. and Blaze Pizza. 

Manny Macca's pizzeria may soon have competition but the owner isn't so worried as each pizza has its own loyal taste buds. 
Posted by Diane Araga, on October 31, 2013 at 10:00 AM