New York City Mayor Spoofed on Limiting Food Options

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has the joke on him as his move to regulate food consumption and the use of several condiments has been spoofed by the satirical website The Daily Currant.

The report spread over the internet with the story revolving about how Bloomberg was denied a second slice at a pizzeria in Brooklyn.

He was accompanied by City Comptroller John Liu at Collegno’s Pizzeria over working lunch. Bloomberg requested a second slice of pepperoni pizza but was respectfully rejected by the store owner “Antonio Benito” who requested Bloomberg to go to another pizza store for another slice of pizza and to burn the calories off as well. In the end, Bloomberg and Liu went to a different restaurant to finish their lunch and meeting.

The story that circulated on the internet was almost too real with how they relate Bloomberg as overly controlling that he seemed to know what everybody wanted and needed more than what everybody knew about themselves.

He draws pale in comparison with the former mayor Rudy Giuliani who wanted every food New York has to offer. Bloomberg’s rule on limiting consumption of salt, sugar and other unhealthy food components could prove to be a healthy move but too many regulations would be an unpopular fit for the people of New York City.

The satirical news about Bloomberg and how it relates to his move on limiting food choices has a factual basis. An incident happened on the earlier part of the year where he suggested that food donations from restaurants and hotels to homeless people be banned as these leftovers are deemed unhealthy that suggested being starved as a better option.

The health of a person depends on him or herself. Eating supersized meals in moderation is not bad at all. Regulating food choices especially at a big city like New York is a bad idea. The next time people get a hold of this news, they sure wish it was real.

Posted by Diane Araga, on September 11, 2013 at 11:00 AM