New York Dominos Underpaying Workers

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of New York announced $448,000 worth of settlements among six Domino’s franchises for failure to pay minimum wage.

23 Domino’s stores across New York were paying their employees less than the required minimum wage. The settlement money will be divided among the 750 employees impacted.

“The violations in these cases demonstrate a statewide pattern of Domino’s franchises flouting the law and illegally chiseling at the pay of minimum-wage workers, who struggle to survive as it is,” said Schneiderman.

The franchise located in Schenectady came to a $40,000 settlement with the Attorney General’s office. For the past seven years, stores based out of NYC, Dutchess, Erie, Nassau, Rockland, Schenectady, Suffolk and Westchester counties were in violation of the labor laws intended to protect low wage workers.

The franchises admitted to paying delivery drivers less than the minimum required and some also did not pay overtime or reimburse for job related expenses.

Workers are expected to receive anywhere from $200 to $2000 depending on their length of employment, hours and wages. Additional franchises are still under investigation.

Posted on April 1, 2014 at 10:00 AM