No Pizza Mondays!

Order your usual pepperoni pie now and stack up for Monday as there will be some cut offs on delivery this Monday. 

Local government encouraged many businesses and delivery drivers to stay inside amidst the bitter cold, staying out of the roads and out of trouble. Restaurants and food delivery services will be closed according to News Sentinel. 

Delivery meal service from local restaurants called "Waiter on the Way" was also announced closed. Other delivery services for prepared meals such as "Homebound Meals" also closed for the mean time. 

Since Monday, pizza places have stopped answering calls exept for Papa John's located in 6233 Bluffton Road. This sturdy restaurant have been open since 11 in the morning for carryout orders. This Monday, the Papa John's branch located at 5440 Coldwater Road will be open 6 in the evening. 

Don't count on Oley's Pizza in 10910 U.S. 24 W. as they also announced to be closed due to snow.
Posted by Diane Araga, on January 10, 2014 at 9:00 AM