Oscars Pizza Guy Opens Restaurant

Edgar Martirosyan who was thrust into the spotlight when he delivered pizza to the Oscars has opened his own restaurant.

Martirosyan says “I thought it was just a regular delivery. I didn’t know I was going to go on the stage.”

After his appearance, his employer Big Mama’s and Papa’s pizzeria was bombarded with requests from the media, trying to get information on the delivery man. So Edgar and his brother decided to try to take advantage of his 15 minutes of fame.

They opened a restaurant in Silver Lake called Wood. The restaurant serves artisanal pizzas following the Neapolitan tradition, from a wood-fired oven. Their website says the restaurant offers “great food using local, organic and in-season ingredients within a warm, pleasant and trendy atmosphere” along with “top-notch service to make what is guaranteed to be an original dining experience.”

With the opening of Wood, the brothers have fulfilled a lifelong dream.



Posted on May 27, 2014 at 10:00 AM