Papa John's Pizza Supports Oklahoma Relief with $1 for Every Pizza

The Community of Moore, Oklahoma is getting some support from Papa John's Pizza through their special offer that donates $1 for every order of pizza. The donations goes straight to the Salvation Army Oklahoma Recovery Effort and it is also available for online orders. 

"Our thoughts and wishes continue to go out to the incredible community of Moore, Oklahoma," said John Schnatter, founder, chairman and CEO of Papa John's Pizza. "The 

horrible events of last week have totally transformed the lives of people in this region and the loss has been just devastating. Everyone in the Papa John's family salutes and stands behind the recovery effort -- and we hope that others across America will join in as well to fuel the rebuilding of this community, which is truly in the 'heart' of our nation."

Other than monetary support, the Pizza chain is also sticking out their helping hand through product distributions. Hundreds of pizzas has been served, feeding victims and relief workers by the crew of Papa John's, led by operator Jason Opie using the "mobile kitchen" releif truck. 

In just one day, over 1,200 people were already served with the appetizing dish and Papa John's intend to be there until the end of the week. 

"Employees and their families who work in our restaurants have also been directly impacted by the tornado -- and our hearts go out to them as well," added John 

Schnatter. "But this week, every member of that community is part of our direct family, and we believe that it is our obligation to do everything we can to help this region get back on its feet. We're proud to partner with the Salvation Army Oklahoma Recovery Effort today for this special fundraising campaign. Let's all jump in and help the town of Moore!"

Online orders are welcome at
Posted by Diane Araga, on May 27, 2013 at 10:00 AM