Parlor Pizza Bar Finally Opens

Parlor Pizza Bar is finally opening after a longer than expected wait. It was planned to open with a brewery, but that is not yet to be. It is located on a property that previously housed an auto repair shop.

The restaurant will feature 19 custom made pizzas. They will be cooked in Italian, wood-fired ovens. Parlor Pizza Bar will be open for lunch, dinner and late night. The custom pizzas will offer a wide variety of ingredients including lobster,  herb-fried chicken, coconut cheese and spiced pineapple.

The patio is enormous with lots of seating available. There is also rooftop and interior seating. There are 14 rotating taps for what are primarily craft beers. Cocktails are delivered in souvenir cups, or pitchers, or for the larger parties – punch bowls.

Posted on September 12, 2014 at 10:00 AM