Patsy’s Opening in the Bronx

A pizzeria known in East Harlem for its wonderful thin crust pizza is planning to venture into the Bronx. Patsy’s Pizzeria has been in business for 81 years. Its second outer-borough location is slated to open in Morris Park in June.

Frank Brija is the owner of Patsy’s Pizzeria. He bought the original restaurant from the original owners in 1991. He grew the business to seven Manhattan locations and one in Queens as of last year.

“To come to the Bronx is a dream come true,” says Brija. “Once we opened the place in Queens the people in the Bronx just kept asking why we don’t have one in the Bronx.”

Brija chose the Morris Park area for its similarity to the Bronx’s other Little Italy on Arthur Avenue. There are other pizza places in the area, but Brija believes that competition makes you better.

The work being done on the new location is almost complete. A brick oven is installed that resembles the 81 year old oven from the original location. Morris Park residents are excited about the arrival of Patsy’s.

“I’m excited,” said nearby resident Victoria Mazza. “There’s plenty of pizza places around but nothing like Patsy’s. Now I don’t have to drive into the city for a slice.”

Brija is planning for other locations, including one across the street from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.





Posted on June 2, 2014 at 10:00 AM