Peanut Butter and Other Unique ways to Profit from Pizza

Pizzas were always made with a round or rectangular dough, tomato sauce, cheese, some meat and vegetables. This mixture of ingredients brought out the popularity of pizza since its inception decades ago. 

Pizza restaurants all over the world had been finding the right combination of flavors to make one pizza a cut above the rest. Signature pizzas vary from the way it is cooked to the ingredients topped on the dough. Many have profited from distinct flavors and uniqueness of the pizza.

Cooks and chefs have different ways of tweaking recipes, creating original dishes with the hope of making customers come back wanting for more. A restaurant’s longevity in the business primarily rest on the taste of the food aside from the usual ambiance and service. Creativity and the right blend of ingredients must make the food on the menu standout among consumers,

One particular pizza took uniqueness to a whole new level. With bacon and provolone, one can’t miss out those are some ingredients a pizza can have. How about peanut butter? The Skippy Dare   pizza of Randy’s Wooster Street Pizza is an astoundingly tasty treat. Who would have thought it has been 23 years since this dish was served? Marketing such an unusual dish is tricky but there are a lot of ways more than just the word of mouth.

It takes more than just a great TV ad to promote a product to make it something that is popular. The thought of creating a great pizza comes from hours of mixing, baking and tasting a recipe until the correct one comes up. Making it unique is another thing. The use of non-traditional methods and ingredients are only a few of its components but making it look good and taste good are the most important keys to sell it. 

To make pizzas one of a kind, risks are needed to obtain such recipes of distinct taste. Executing the right blend of flavors takes too much effort. The help of the community makes it easier. The question is: how?

One particular idea would be making a contest in creating the most outlandish pizza. Promote it in social media and add a great prize it would surely make an added item on the menu. It saves a lot of money for the owner and making existing food on the menu complementary would mean more sales for the restaurant. 

The pizza business is tough but with creativity in mind, one can profit to make a unique pizza a best seller.

Posted by Diane Araga, on September 2, 2013 at 2:00 PM