Persona's Florida Expansion

Persona Neopolitan Pizzeria which is based in Santa Barbara has signed a deal to open 20 stores in Florida over a 10 year period. The restaurant is known for its fast-casual, Neopolitan style pizza.

The group launching the stores is Sager Management Group. Steve Sager says, “The growing number of pizzerias jumping on the fast-casual trend really got me searching for an innovative option with a broader menu and better environment. When I found Persona, I knew I had found the concept that matched perfectly with what I was looking for. I have never seen a startup with Persona’s potential.”

Persona opened in Santa Barbara in 2013. They have been reported as saying they’d like to have 250 stores across the country eventually. This foray into Florida is a big milestone expansion for the company.

Posted on August 12, 2014 at 10:00 AM