PH Incentive Implemented for Betterment of Drivers

There is a new program for PH drivers and it is now called "first out the door." DFW areas have been the first to try this out and some store owners have already started the program.

Yum! brands have continually grown ove the years and through surveys, they have gained information on how to keep the business better. Sometimes, the branch even asks for a card from the customer and require each to answer the survey. 

Now even driliveries are surveyed and those with the top results are the ones sent out more often. 

There are a few issues in this particular situation though, for instance, control is stil questionable. In deliveries, it is difficult to see if the survey is really answered by the customers or if the drivers are just forging their way into stardome. Another is the fact that most customers have their own standard and rules when it comes to tipping. Even with a survey, it won't help change that rule in mind, exception of course when the delivery is late or the wrong order is brought. 

The second issue to be thought about is the fact that surveys are not much taken seriously bu customers. Face it, most of us customers think of surveys as a waste of time unless if you have something to complain about. 

In order to have an effective result from surveys, there should be a reward or something a customer would look forward to just so they would not think of it as a silly paper. 

Third issue tackles the most deliveries. Just because they have the most deliveries doesn't always mean that they are the best, however it might just be the other way around too. Factors such as time of shifts, the number of hours of work and the locations are all variables that affect the performance. 

Fourth, product delivery is just the main job of a delivery guy but the tips and the responses of customers may be affected just because of the production team's poor perforance. A delivery person may check the order if it is correct, deliver on time and on to the right person and the right address but he/she could not check if this pie is cooked right. In addition, the location is purely dependent on the customer. One mistake from the customer regarding the information they provided may have a domino effect on everything and despite that, delivery people are still to blame for. 

In summary, surveys are not the perfect way to track performance but if there were other ways, what do you think it should be?
Posted by Diane Araga, on August 20, 2013 at 10:00 PM