Pizza and Prescriptions Delivered

A fire hit a strip mall and damaged not only the local laundry mat but also a popular pharmacy. Customers were relieved to find that they would still be able to receive their prescriptions, thanks to the Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers.

The pizza restaurant is owned by Hishmeh Enterprises, which also owns the pharmacy. The prescriptions are being filled at the company’s second location and then delivered by the Domino’s drivers. The plan is to continue the delivery service until the pharmacy (The Medicine Shoppe) can reopen, approximately six to eight weeks.

The laundry mat was almost destroyed, the pharmacy was heavily damaged, but the Domino’s and another store in the mall were each only closed for a few days. The pharmacy set up a table after the fire to take prescriptions and set up deliveries.

Amani Hishmeh is the owner / manager of the pharmacy. They have a 10 member staff.  All are temporarily working at the Ojai location. Dominos was the first pizza franchise purchased by Hishmeh Enterprises over 20 years ago. They now own over 70 in Southern and Central California.

Regarding the fire, Sam Hishmeh says, “All that matters is that no one got hurt … at the end of the day it’s just money and it doesn’t matter.”

Posted on May 1, 2014 at 10:00 AM