Pizza Box Into a Lamp

Four Italian designers have set a new design to recycle your pizza boxes. The four designers are Federico Trucchia, Daniele Schinaia, Antonio Scribano and Matt Compagnucci, creators of the new idea called 01LAMP. 

This DIY furniture is not only easy to make but is also environment-friendly. 

"The idea was born almost by accident", Fattelo designer and founder Federico Trucchia told Gizmag. "The best method for making a prototype quickly is to use materials that you have at home. Therefore by using pizza boxes, I started to play around with a lamp design, which was then later developed into the open source project we have today."

It was designed to have an easy procedure that is an open source. 

"The project is Open Source because we firmly believe in the free distribution of ideas," says Trucchia. "The project is continually evolving and users are free to make changes to the design or suggest changes. Our invitation is clear and open to all, use the 01LAMP as a starting base and then customize it to your liking."

Fold, cut and add a little led supply and this lamp is yours. So what's next for the DIY project? 

"Our next project is still on approval, we are considering various ideas, while at the same time we are trying not be anchored down by the same techniques we used for the 01LAMP," reveals Trucchia. "I can tell you that we are working on two separate projects: one which has to do with light and the other with sound. But that’s all I can reveal for now."

The instructions can be downloaded free in their website or you can opt to order their US$53-prepared kit. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on May 16, 2013 at 11:00 AM