Pizza Boy Doesn't Stop at Alien Invation

World 1-1 by Headlight Software, Inc. is an interesting game that is quite similar to those featured in the 1980's but has additional modern actions, patterned in a very pixelized retro theme and priced very low, specifically $0.99.

This game focuses on delivering pizzas with various hindrances involved, such as an alien invation on earth and time pressure as the duty of a delivery boy be accomplished on time. Every delivery counts, slices of pizza collected along the way makes users earn more bonuses and higher scores and delivery destinations are the checkpoints. The dead end of it is simple, either users fall, left behind or alien encounters. 

The money earned from the deliveries and pizza collection allows users to purchase power-up items but you can also opt to take the short cut by purchasing in-app. 

Every level is at random, achievements can be collected, and  difficulty levels can be chosen. 

With its vintage graphics and controls, and its old school chiptune soundtrack, oldies begin addicting in this game like how they were in the 80's. Unfortunately, this is only available in iPhones.
Posted by Diane Araga, on May 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM