Pizza Candy Pizza Flavor

A Philly based doctor decided to make a candy that tastes similarly like pizza and a new flavor is about to be launched this Spring of 2013! 

So the question here is, why did he make such candies? 

Well his story is so much inspiring. It started out back in 2007 when he donated a kidney to his friend. After the donation, the nutritionist said pizza was one of the dishes he should consider taking out of the diet but since he loves eating pizza so much, slashing out pizza was a hard task to follow. 

He then decided to invent this candy, got help from the SBA organization and chemists to make this possible. Of course, the flavor is still being developed further but according to his website, reactions of people trying this candy is priceless! 

So if you want to eat pizza on a really quick note, try this Pizza is 4 suckers candy. its "sugar free, sodium free, potassium free, gluten free, fat free, kosher, no net carbs pizza "candy"

This Spring of 2013, they even have a new flavor coming up - Marinara! 

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Posted by Diane Araga, on April 4, 2013 at 10:00 AM