Pizza City Tours

Pizza fans in Chicago can actually take a tour that is geared specifically around the pizza industry in the city.

Other cities are also offering these types of tours, including Boston, Milwaukee and New York City. Jonathan Porter is the owner of Chicago Pizza Tours. His customers enjoy a 3 ½ hour tour via bus that makes four stops along the way allowing the participants to sample the various types of pizza including deep dish, tavern style and others.

While on the tour, the guide gives participants all the fun facts they can handle. Did you  know that there are 2,200 pizza restaurants in the city of Chicago? How about this one: even though deep-dish was first made in Chicago, thin crust sells more in the city.

Tours are available most days. They leave at 11AM and cost $60. Consumers who are interested can get more details at .

Posted on September 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM