Pizza Delivery Crime

Can someone be charged with a crime for ordering pizza? It turns out, in some circumstances, the answer is yes.

A Kentucky man was recently arrested for shoplifting as well as public intoxication. While he was in police custody, he decided to play a prank which resulted in additional charges.

29 year old Michael Harp used his one phone call to order five pizzas. The Domino’s order was placed under the name of the arresting officer, Officer Wilson. When the pizzas were delivered to the station, it did not take the officers long to trace the ordering call back to Harp’s phone.

Harp declared his innocence by saying “I’m wrongfully accused here. They’ve charged me with two felonies over this pizza deal because I had my phone inside the holding cell. There were about 10 people who probably used the phone, so it’s hard to say. Like I said, I never heard anyone say a word about Domino’s pizza. Any of it.”

The charges added to his original charged include theft of identity, theft by deception and impersonating a police officer.



Posted on July 21, 2014 at 10:00 AM