Pizza Delivery Gets Busy Seasonally

In a country where pizza gets faster than the police, there will always be a day or a season where it may slow down a tad bit. Many say it’s the worst days to order pies and knowing when this may happen can really save you some time. 

Holidays or events often call for an easy dish, which is why pizza deliveries get twice their sales than those of the normal days. But of course, even if it takes a lot longer to get this dish, Americans still love it and parties won’t be the same without it! 

1. Super Bowl is a time to get together, order pizza, get on the couch and watch your favourite game with family and friends on a relaxed Sunday. It is said to be the busiest of the seasons for pizza joints as most of these football fans prefer pizza as those survey results on Jacent Technologies conclude.  National Restaurant Association also indicate that out of 8 people, 7 of those would be ordering pizza than any other take-out food. It’s actually nothing to ponder about; after all, pizza and football are a perfect combination!

2. If you are the type who would pitch in for a New Year ’s Eve party, I would bet that pizza would be your number one choice of dish to bring. Not only is it accessible, it’s also easy to share for many people that need to eat on this big party! 

3. Most of those celebrating Halloween are the teenagers for their Halloween costume parties and the children who go out for trick or treat. Kids and teenagers also love pizza, as a general knowledge and since this is the easiest dish to pick for both children and teenagers, pizza is often ordered during this holiday.

4. Considered as a staple diet among Americans, this dish is too tough to resist, especially on the busy days and those days where you are pressed for time. Thanksgiving means preparing for a lot of things which is why, stressed preparatory nights before thanksgiving call for pizza! This also means double the sales for pizza chains! 

"Nobody wants to cook the day before Thanksgiving so they turn to us and we're more than happy to take care of them," said Larry Grogg, manager at Papa John's on Roosevelt Boulevard.

5. The last but still the most ordered pizza within the entire year goes to the New Year’s Day. Aside from the party on the eve of this event, people also follow up their appetites with this delectable dish on the new start of the year! So watch out and be patient in ordering pies on these holidays! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on September 22, 2013 at 11:00 AM