Pizza Delivery in Alaska

Aleksandar Joksic, co-owner of East Coast Pizzeria in Barrow, Alaska chose a Hyundai Accent as his vehicle of choice for pizza delivery. His car choice is important for multiple reasons.

The Accent is fuel efficient, which is particularly important in a state where gas costs $6 per gallon. But since Barrow is the most northern town in the United States there are other challenges as well. The city is far enough north that it is above the Arctic Circle. Because of the weather, Joksic must start the car first thing each morning to get it running. It takes an hour to get warm enough to drive. He uses electricity over night to keep the engine and all of its fluids from freezing over night. Joksic also leaves the car running all day long, because if he turns it off it would freeze and stop running.

Other challenges about the area include the fact that once the sun sets in mid-November, it stays down for 65 days. The temperature in the city only climbs above freezing 120 days each year. Temperatures are at or below zero for 160 days per year. Pizzas sell for $18 each and the Accent can hold more pizzas than the Toyota Corolla or the Honda Civic, based on its interior space.


Posted on March 21, 2014 at 10:00 AM