Pizza Delivery Man Gets Special Delivery

Papa John’s Pizza delivery man Andrew Shaffer from Portland, Oregon got a delivery he wasn’t expecting the day after working a disappointing shift.

Shaffer had made a regular delivery but didn’t receive a tip. He delivered pizza to a couple’s home and was given $23 for a $22.67 tab. He didn’t mention it to the couple, instead choosing to remain professional.

The next day, Shaffer’s boss asked him if he remembered this specific delivery to the couple’s address.

“He gave me their address and I was like, ‘Yes,’ because I remembered they didn’t tip me,” said Shaffer.

The couple had stopped by his work, which puzzled Shaffer as he was sure he hadn’t been rude to the couple. Instead he found that they hadn’t come to complain, but rather to make things right.

Shaffer received a handmade thank-you note from the couple that read:

“We would like to apologize for our impaired math skills and thank you for the work you do. We appreciate it immensely.”

Included in the card was a $20 bill. Shaffer was equally impressed by the fact that they’d sent a handmade card. “That was something I really appreciate. It was really creative.”


Posted on April 7, 2014 at 10:00 AM