Pizza Delivery Man Saves a Life

Sometime around 9PM on March 2nd, Gary Lucas was done with his shift as a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver. Then he heard a scream.

“First she screamed,” he said, “Then she said somebody, please help me.” Lucas ran to her aid. The woman as on the phone talking to 911. They were telling her to put the man she was trying to assist (her husband) on the floor. Lucas helped her move him from a chair to the floor.

Lucas did not know CPR, but he and the victim’s wife took direction from the 911 operator, following the step by step instructions. Because the woman was tired and weakening, Lucas took over.

St. Matthews Police arrived on the scene. Detective Dennis McDonald said “The Domino’s delivery driver who was performing CPR was absolutely exhausted because he was working so hard.”

The detective called Lucas a hero. Lucas claims that the real heroes are the men in uniform like the police and our military.

The victim survived. His family has asked for privacy at this time.

Posted on March 13, 2014 at 10:00 AM