Pizza Delivery to Ebola Nurse

A nurse who is fighting against her quarantine orders in Maine got a little brightness in her day thanks to the Moose Shack on Main Street.

Kaci Hickox is the center of a controversy as she is fighting Maine’s voluntary quarantine orders after returning from working with Ebola patients in Africa. She has created a bit of a stir in her town, while officials are debating how to handle things.

When asked what she missed the most while being confined, Hickox replied the Moose Shack pizza was what she was really missing. April Hafford, daughter of the owner of Moose Shack, heard her plea and asked the police if it was possible to deliver a pizza. They were given permission and delivered a pepperoni, black olive and mushroom pizza.

Hickox’s boyfriend Ted Wilbur said, “You’re a lifesaver,” when the pizza arrived.

Posted on October 31, 2014 at 10:00 AM