Pizza Diet Facts

The popular dish in America is pizza and even if you look anywhere, pizza will remain the common choice.

In Europe, this dish is known as one of the healthy diets and has been given the title of “The Queen” of the Mediterranean Diet. As surprising as it may sound, their pizza is filled with olives, olive oil, and fish.

But the question still remains, is pizza healthy for our bodies?

Several debates have been made regarding this topic and personally, I would think that it would depend on what the pizza contains, the lifestyle of the person and what nutrition each person lacks – more of a personal need approach.

Here are some facts we know about pizza ingredients:

1.       Complex Carbohydrate is what a common pizza flour is made of.

2.       Olive oil is good, especially if you have bad cholesterol

3.       Mozzarella is fatty, rich in protein, calcium and sodium

4.       Tomatoes are filled with antioxidants like Lycopene

5.       Basil has vitamin K, flavonoids and essential oils

6.       Garlic has selenium, manganese, vitaminB6, vitamin C and powerful sulfur-containing compounds – thiosulfinates, sulfoxides, dithiins

7.       Oregano has Vitamin K, manganese, fiber, thymol and carvacol, and phytonutrients

8.       Meat has saturated fat and sodium

Some argue that pizza is considered as junk food since it contains saturated fat, however, Mario Negri Institute for Pharmaceutical Research found in Milan says that pizza is just junk.

According to their research, regular consumption of pizza once a week can lessens the rate by 59% of developing oesophageal cancer, avoids colon cancer by 26%, mouth cancer by 34% and can give protection to the human body to avoid tumors.

University of Maryland also had a research about pizza but has studied more on how they can make pizza healthier. They have found that pizza can have more antioxidants by 82% if they use higher heat in baking pizza.

So by knowing these facts, what makes a good pizza? 

Posted by Diane Araga, on March 11, 2013 at 8:00 AM