Pizza Eating Record Set

The previous pizza eating record at Subway Café in Harrisburg was five and one half pizzas. The record was held by NFL player Jon Ritchie. The new record was set by Donnie Herlt of Upper Allen Township.

Herlt works as an independent delivery contractor for Advance Central Services Pennsylvania. He delivers The Patriot-News as well as other third party publications.

The pace set by Herlt started out at about a slice a minute during the first half of his eating stint. He ate three pizzas at six minutes per pizza. Once he hit pizza number four, his pace slowed down. Pizza number five took one half hour to complete. Once he took a bite from the fourth slice of the sixth pizza, the record was his. He didn’t attempt to eat any more.

Herlt decided that he would not defend his record if Ritchie attempted to reclaim his spot at the top.

“I’m very full,” said Herlt.


Posted on August 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM