Pizza for Breakfast in NYC

New York City pizza is becoming a breakfast item in many restaurants. The chefs are using breakfast inspired toppings for their latest concoctions.

Marta, a Roman-style pizzeria says an unplanned experiment helped define his breakfast sandwich inspired offering.

“Pizza has the ability to cover all food groups – it’s good any time of day, on any kind of day in any season,” says chef Nick Anderer.

His Patate Alla Carbonara came into being when he accidently spilled eggs on one of his Alla Gracia pies made with potatoes, guanciale, Pecorino and black pepper.

There are other breakfast pizzas available including Chef Matthew Hyland’s  North Maple Pie which has fontina, mozzarella, bacon, pecans and maple syrup as toppings.

“As a kid living in Brooklyn, whenever we had pizza leftovers my brother would sprinkle brown sugar on it and we’d have it for breakfast,” says Hyland.

His concoction is a top seller on the brunch menu.

There is even a bagel inspired menu option offered by chef Lulu Gutierrez that includes the frying of the pizza dough before it is topped with Scottish smoked salmon, crème fraiche and red onions. This Smoked Salmon Pizza Fritta is served at Torino in Midtown.


Posted on October 8, 2014 at 10:00 AM