Pizza Franchise Moving to Gourmet

The fast food industry that focuses on pizza has been evolving since the master Chef came into the television series and when people started wanting more than just the dough.

Pizza came out as a work of art already and everyone wanted something different. This is why David and Melissa Burness, franchisees of Domino's pizza, has had their eye on good service and keeping it big!

The well known biggest pizza maker in various sites have 2013 Franchise Development award winner, went along with what the crowd wants and its not meat lovers anymore!

Weird flavors like spinach, fetta, Kalamata olives and the like are all tried on with pies. Ingredients have changed from a hundred per cent meat into 30 per cent less fat pies. 

Being an employee himself, David had seen first hand of what the work was like. Now he has 70 employees and various branches for Domino's Pizza, where he still goes in to the front line with his wife. 

Pies are all handmade from the owners themselves, ensuring that each one is like a gourmet treat. 

This kind of diligence has made them better in terms of skills and successful in the business. 

"With many different store combinations spanning their 18-year careers as franchisees there is one thing proven time and time again, the ability to build a good team, grow sales and run great operations," Mr Meij, Domino's CEO of Australia said.
Posted by Diane Araga, on December 6, 2013 at 12:00 PM