Pizza Gains Over Economy

Though the pizza prices are increasing by 20 cents and wheat also added costs by 60 cents, public pizza companies are still having good earnings. 

Starting off with the cheese, Chicag Mercantile reveals that the average price is now $1.89, which is said to have increased from $1.86. Since April began, the price of this product has been continually increasing and now have reached a 20 cent mark-up since it started. The good news here though is the fact that the price is still lower than last year's - $2.10 cheese price. 

On the side of wheat, Minneapolis Grain Exchange reveals an average price of $8.40 from the previous week's price of $8.16. April started with a $7.81 price range of wheat but now has a total of 60 cents since it increased. Comparing to last year's $9.13 price after the drought, pizzerias still sees this as a low price. 

When in comes to pizza stocks, some companies may have been rejoicing over increases: 

Pizza Hut gains from last February's $59.68, up to $67.20 and now has $68.08 as it closed last week. Though November of last year was their peak as they closed in with a $74.75. 

Domino's Pizza meanwhile had a $55.49 last Friday, an increase of $3.57 in over a week. Last Tuesday, it was also reported to have increased to %56.45.

Over at Papa John's, their highest point which is $65.86 is almost at reach as it was reported that $64.34 was its closing price last week. Meanwhile, Chuck E. Cheese that lies under CEC Entertainment Inc. only had a small increase from $32.77 to $32.94. 

Lastly, Pizza Inn has a small stock as compared to the popular companies above but they closed in last year with a $7.37 from a $7.14 price. The trade now is probably getting better since they had their lowest point in June for an amount of $2.18.
Posted by Diane Araga, on May 10, 2013 at 10:00 AM