Pizza Hut Championship

The Pizza Hut Championship is not another pizza eating or making contest, it is actually a basketball tournament held every year at Wabash Valley and sponsored by various branches in Illinois and Indiana.

Last Monday, Tobinson and Rockville teams met face to face for the championship night as both teams won over their semi-finals opponents last Saturday. The Maroons beat Northview, while Rockville defeated Sullivan.

Northview and Sullivan also competed for the 3rd place last Monday and results of the event were as follows:


December 31, 2012

                                       HALF     FINAL                                                          HALF     FINAL

CONSOLATION GAME                                                   3rd/4th PLACE GAME                   

2:00pm T.H. South           41           83                          5:00pm Northview          13           41

Casey-Westfield               39           79                                          Sullivan         18           55


5th/6th PLACE GAME                                                    CHAMPIONSHIP GAME                 

3:30pm T.H. North           31           51                          6:30pm Robinson             21           39

Marshall                           18           45                                   Rockville              24           44

Posted by Diane Araga, on January 3, 2013 at 9:00 AM