Pizza Hut Reading Program Celebrates 30 Years

Pizza Hut’s reading program turns 30 next Wednesday. That day is also national BOOK IT! Day. To celebrate, Pizza Hut is bringing back the program for adults and the reward is free pizza.

Those who are true BOOK IT! alumni can register on the alumni site and get a free Personal Pan Pizza between October 1st and the 10th.

Shelly Morehead, the program manager said, “The number one thing we get asked by any adult who went through the program is can we please develop an adult version of the BOOK IT program. With the creation of the BOOK IT! alumni page, we now have a destination to celebrate the positive memories that so many kids, now adults, have with the program.”

Kids can still participate in the program today. 60 million kids have participated since its inception in 1984. The 30th birthday celebration lets their parents have a blast from the past and some free pizza too.

Posted on October 2, 2014 at 10:00 AM