Pizza Hut Tests New Skinny Slice

Pizza Hut is testing a new low calorie pizza. They are calling them ‘Skinny Slice’ pizzas.

Currently there are two test markets for the lo-cal offering: Toledo, Ohio and West Palm Beach, Florida. The ingredients are the same, but the construction of the pizza is different. To achieve the lower calorie pie, the crust is thinner and they are going lighter on the cheese and toppings.

A Pizza Hut spokesperson said, “It may be attractive to a customer who might not be including pizza in their regular choice of meals.”

One slice from a regular hand-tossed cheese pizza is approximately 290 calories. The new Skinny Slice version is 210 calories. This gives the consumer a 30% saving in calories.

Although the pizza is called Skinny Slice, it is only sold as whole pies. Pizza Hut hopes to attract the business of more Millennials who tend to look for fast food that offers healthier options.

The slogan for the new offering is “All the taste and flavor that you love, but now with fewer calories.” The Skinny Slice pizzas carry the same cost as their traditional pizzas.

Posted on September 18, 2014 at 10:00 AM