Pizza Hut Workers and Other Fast Food Employees Unite on a Nationwide Strike

Pizza Hut employees as well as other employees from notable fast food brands went out to the streets Thursday last week as the call to strike against the minimum wage crippled the industry in what is called “the largest-ever strike” by the protest organizers.

The strike was simultaneously done in several cities as workers demanded for a $15 hourly rate and the right to form unions without the employers’ intervention.

The $7.25 an hour is not much for fast food workers to really depend on. As Kendall Fells of the group Fast Food Forward narrates, some workers have kids and living on food stamps just to get by. The cost of living especially in New York City is way higher than the federal minimum.  With no guaranteed working hours and insurance, the fast food workers are definitely risking their health to continue working at such a fast paced environment.

Mary Kay Henry of the Service Employees International Union added that the average hourly rate of $9.08 an hour is unjustifiable considering not everyone on the fast food industry works full time and one never gets to call a leave due to illness.

The movement which started in New York spread like wildfire in key cities like Chicago and St. Louis that affected much of the operations of many fast food chains.

There is some sentiment that came along the way as the supposed transitional job has been taken as a real job by some employees. Jefferson Cowie of Cornell University stated that fast food establishments such as Pizza Hut is franchised that is technically owned by a proprietor and not by the head company. He also said that with the previous economic recession, the stagnation of the minimum wage has strongly remained as well as unemployment and the high cost of college education.

The National Restaurant Association agrees with Cowie as the industry can only provide jobs, opportunities that are needed to boost the economy.

The battle for laborers’ demands would be a long bout. Certain reforms would be thoroughly reviewed whether these resentments can be provided to workers, For now, with the strikes going on, the pizza maker’s image, as well as burger flippers and fry cooks  are downgraded with the resulting outrage by workers demanding what they deemed is deserving right for them.

Posted by Diane Araga, on September 3, 2013 at 12:00 PM