Pizza Hut's Innovation History

Have you ever wondered what pizzas does Pizza Hut introduce to the market to get to this kind of crazy pizzas? Well, since the date it started in 1958, all its aim is to be the new and unique pizza. They introduced promotions and various products that for some, may come in as a good thing but to classic pizza lovers, its just plain weird.

Here is a brief blast in the past of Pizza Hut's past innovations: 

1965: "Putt-Putt to Pizza Hut," The first Pizza Hut Commercial

1973 Pizza Hut introduces the German King Pizza, inspired by their opening in Japan and contains cheese, mayonnaise and bacon!

1977 Pizza Hut Collectors' Edition" of the Batman Comic books were released. 

1986 "
Yabadabadoo" Commercial was released where the Flinstones was used by Pizza Hut to get Kid's attention! 

1993 The Big Foot Pizza was born! At that time, having pizza that big was something weird, but today, that size could probably be normal for avid pizza lovers. 

1995 Pizza Hut introduces stuffed crust pizza

2002 There is a new Pizza Hut Jingle and it is made by Ween

2005 Dips and strips, pizza being dipped? 

2010  The Chunky Loaded Pizza was introduced in Malaysia and it was comprised of "ten different layers of juicy chicken salami, chicken loaf, Spanish Tortilla flatbread, cheese, fresh vegetables and savoury sauces. Comes in beef as well. Its so satisfying! Can you handle the load?" Getting weirder huh? 

2011 The Ultimate stuffed Crust Pizza was shown to the public. 

2012 Cheese Burger Crust Pizza. They just can't get enough of food, they had to fused it! 

2013 Now they are showing off this Cheesy Crust Topped pizza. 

I wonder what's next? 

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 3, 2013 at 4:00 PM