Pizza Institution Closing

A longstanding institution in Brighton recently closed its doors. Joe Greco of Imperial Pizza is retiring after a run of almost 50 years.

“I want to retire. I’m too tired to work,” says Greco.

Customers lined up to get one more opportunity to taste Greco’s pizzas. They love the pizza place so much, they were willing to wait for hours for that last taste.

“You don’t get pizzas like this very often. It’s made with love and passion and you can taste it in every slice. It’s fantastic,” says customer Robert Falcione.

On that final day, Joe made as many pizzas as possible.

“I have a lot of pizzas to make and I’m out of dough. So I’m waiting for the dough to rise so I can make more pizzas,” says Greco. “So when I finish the day, I am leaving.”

He is not leaving without feeling the love from his customers.

“When you work in a place, people love you. I love everybody. People very nice,” said Greco.

And so for that one last day, Greco worked as hard as possible to imbue the secret ingredients of love and passion into every slice.

Posted on July 23, 2014 at 10:00 AM