Pizza Joint in NY Closes with 67 Points

A famous pizzeria in NY which is known in Midwood, Brooklyn named Di Fara was reported to have closed down after failing the health code.

The grade was a surprising 67 and was announced to be hazardous to health already.

What makes this surprising is the fact it took risks by not maintaining its “healthy” environment, considering that there are a ton of people lining up for their pizza and famed as one of the best in the city.

Mouse droppings, flies, hair and soiled garments were found in its operating area and this is not even the first time that they got caught in this environment.

The DOH states that the Di Fara clan also failed  5 health inspections with B or low C grade for 2 years.

Of course, the said pizza joint would not announce to the world that they failed such important test and has announced over facebook that they are closing for “personal matters.”

And for some reason, their fans still love them: "You guys are the best....And I'm not just talking about the pizza....Good people…." said one post on facebook "Anxiously awaiting the reopening....”

Posted by Diane Araga, on March 8, 2013 at 11:00 AM