Pizza Market Marked by Jet's

Famous for its pies, Jet's Pizza is renowned as the eight-corner pizza that everyone loves. This pie is well known because it literally has corners and its delicious taste, of course! 

“Everyone likes the corner piece best,” said Michael LeftHand, manager of the Jet’s Pizza in Ballwin, 

“One of our founders watched how his family grabbed the corner pieces of the pizza first. That’s when they got the idea to make a pizza where every piece had a corner. Our eight-corner pizza is the only pizza where every slice is a corner slice.” said Ballwin as he talks about where the idea came about. 

This eight corner pie gave a new meaning for pizza. 

“It’s a little different than what St. Louis is used to, but we’ve had great reviews since opening,” said Lisa Serra, area marketing director for Jet’s Pizza.

Aside from the corners, the pizza also has crusts that contain flavor such as cajun, poppy seed, sesame seed, parmesan, butter, garlic, romano and a mix of butter, garlic and romano called "the Turbo." 

Flavored pizza from Jet's is ensured to be fresh and high in quality. 

“Every day, you can get a different combination because we have a lot of variety – from our pizza to our Jetzees subs, chicken wings and salads,” Serra said. “You can even stop in at lunch and pick up just a slice a pizza if you want.”

Most recommended of all are pizzas and salads, a perfect combination of healthy and delicious meals. 

“Our salads, wings and the Jetzees are poplar, but it’s our pizza that is the standout,” LeftHand said. “You can order what you like or order one of our specialty pizzas like our Buffalo Ranch Chicken that’s made with ranch dressing and topped with grilled chicken, bacon, red onions and Frank’s Buffalo sauce.”

Around the country you will find 300 branches of Jet's Pizza. It has focused its efforts in partnering with the community, where sponsorship and civic organizations are involved. 

In the expansion of Jet's at St. Louis, sales won't be a problem as locals in the area are thin crust fans. Jet's pizza offer such option to reach the market's demand. 

“That’s why we offer a thin-crust option,” Serra said. “But don’t be surprised after you stop in if you become a deep-dish fan before leaving.”

Posted by Diane Araga, on December 6, 2013 at 1:00 PM