Pizza Part of School Lunch Program

The Redwood City School District uses pizza as part of their lunch program. Over the course of one year, their students will consume 24,901 pizzas. The cost of this portion of the lunch menu is $155,631.25.

School kitchens are not equipped to prepare this number of pizzas, so the pizzas are contracted out and delivered. Once a week, all of the elementary schools have pizza as an option. Pizza is offered daily at the middle schools, where it is the number one choice each day.

The calorie counts on the pizza slices range from 240 to 380. These statistics are within the national school lunch standards. The favorite type of pizza topping among the students is pepperoni. Cheese is a distant second and veggie comes in with only 2 percent of the demand.

San Carlos’ New York Pizza made the winning bid for the district’s business. The district was previously served by Mountain Mike’s.

As part of a school lunch, the pizza slices come with milk, fruits and vegetables.

Posted on August 21, 2014 at 10:00 AM