Pizza Place Was a Front for Drug Business

Police say that a pizza restaurant in Moline was actually the front for a cocaine trafficking business. David A. Curtner, Sr., owner of Adriana’s Pizzeria and his son David A. Curtner, Jr. were both arrested.

The arrests came after a lengthy investigation by the Quad-City Metropolitan Enforcement Group. They worked in combination with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

Through the investigation, the police learned that cocaine was being distributed from the restaurant to customers of the pizzeria as well as customers of other local businesses. The police describe the operation as a mid-level drug distribution business that involved thousands of dollars worth of cocaine. The drug business had been in operation for a few years.

Patrons of a nearby bar were frequent customers as well, although the police have determined that the bar owners were unaware of the drug transactions taking place.

The investigation is not yet complete. The police are expecting more arrests in relation to those who were supplying the Curtners with the drugs.

Posted on May 20, 2014 at 10:00 AM