Pizza Post, the Family Business

Pizza Post is small as restaurants go. It barely has room to seat 30 guests. But when the lunch rush occurs, the place comes alive.

Luca Criscuolo is the founder of the restaurant. He can be found in the kitchen spreading out dough, adding the cheese and tomato sauce. Son Matt Criscuolo wears a T-Shirt that reads “Pizza Post: Serving the Best Pizza in Greenwich Since 1972”.

Matt believes that the restaurant is as successful as it is because of the foundation laid by his father. Many cousins have worked in the restaurant over the years. In his earliest days there, Matt put together pizza boxes. Later he answered calls and ran the register.

Luca was born in the Italian village of Agerola, south of Naples. In February of 1958 at the age of 14, he sailed across the Atlantic to New York. His father started working at a frozen food factory. Luca himself found work giving pony rides at the Bronx zoo.

Luca was assigned to the NATO headquarters in Naples while serving in the Navy. When he returned to New York he took a job at a pizza place started by his brother. Eventually he got word of a space available in Greenwich so in 1972 he borrowed money from his brother and at the age of 28, he opened Pizza Post.

Although Matt has a degree from Fordham, he was drawn to the family business. Matt updated the restaurant and reorganized the kitchen. In introduced computers and started a catering business. Through the changes the one thing that has not changed is the pizza restaurant.

Posted on May 30, 2014 at 10:00 AM