Pizza Prank Costs Man $400

In Fergus Falls, one pizza prank will likely cost one man much more than he ever thought. He may face criminal charges and a warrant for his arrest if he doesn’t pay soon. He was issued a $400 citation.

On a typical weekend, hundreds of pizzas are delivered from Domino’s Pizza. Employees work feverishly to make sure customers receive their orders as quickly as possible. The employees at the Domino’s in Fergus Falls are no different. A recent prank has cost their shop almost $300.

20 pizzas were ordered to be delivered to an ex-girlfriend’s house. What may seem like a simple prank has far reaching effects. The $300 order not only cost the store what it took to make and attempt to deliver those pizzas, it also cost the store time that could not be spent making and delivering legitimate orders. The owner figures it set them back at least an hour. Other pizzas arrived later than they should have, resulting in less satisfied customers and smaller tips for drivers.

The store’s general manager, JoAnn Robinette calls the prank theft. The police agree. Both Pizza Ranch and Domino’s were impacted by the prank. Domino’s took their extra pizzas to the local police, fire department and ambulance service, rather than let them go to waste.


Posted on March 26, 2014 at 10:00 AM