Pizza Scientist is Authentic

The famous kitchen scientist geek, Bruno DiFabio, has been selected as one of the dedicated pizza chefs and honorably mentioned as a member of the Vera Pizza Napoletana. 

What's that club you say? 

It's the most important league among all pizza makers and it symbolizes all those authentic in Italian Pizza as the association started back in the ancient 1980s. The chefs of Italy has made this club to recognize and distinguish authenticity and good flavor. 

What makes DiFabio qualified? 

His dough is not just scientific, it is also made all out of heart as he creates a circle of dough filled with sea salt, flour, water and fresh beer yeast. The process of stretching and thinning it out is carefully made and red sauce is combined in garlic flavors. Cheese, basil leaves and wood fired oven cooking makes it taste authentic, cooked in 900 degrees. 

The pies that DiFabio makes are spotted burnt but that what makes it authentic in its charred flavor. Want more authentic described pies? 

Posted by Diane Araga, on February 11, 2014 at 10:00 AM